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SYNOPSIS: Everything is perfect in Marley’s life, except for this one little thing: she’s never been in a relationship, and she can’t stand it! Determined to make 26 the last year she’s alone, and in need of a date to biggest show of her career yet as an online musician/ influencer, Marley will date past and new lovers tenaciously - even both at the same time - in order to guarantee she finally finds the one.

GENRE: Romcom Feature. Franchise.

I’m Begging You to Date Me

LOGLINE: Julie, a bright-eyed new member of a boutique PR firm specializing in crisis management learns of the many comedic realities behind saving a celebrity’s image during scandal, while hiding the much darker reason for why she's really there. (Pilot outline & Premise - rewriting)

GENRE: Half-hour dramedy.

The PR Team

LOGLINE: Cass is displeased her best friend Rueben has an Alpha Vagina.


GENRE: Short script, developing into half-hour Comedy Pilot.

Alpha Vagina

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